Sunday, October 7, 2012

Craig Dennis' Exclusive October Used Car Deals with FREE Engine For Life...

See all of my best used car deals for October!  My used car buyer is paying a lot more for used Jeep models right now!  Call 412-695-3929 or 724-288-4791 for more information about these great used car deals!


  1. I like that car. How many years does the engine used? I need to change my too old engine. Because the engine of my car is not functioning very well.

    Used Engines

    1. Let me know which car you like the best. The engine warranty has no mileage or time limit. All you have to do is follow the manufacturers scheduled maintenance schedule! Call 412-695-3929 or 724-288-4791

  2. This car is really stylish! Just like my Hillsboro dodge that I bought in Texas!